The Telekom-Control-Kommission (TKK) has been responsible for regulating the telecommunications market in Austria since 1997. The tasks and responsibilities of this independent regulatory institution are laid down in detail in the 2003 Telecommunications Act (TKG 2003). Pursuant to Art. 116 TKG 2003, the TKK is established with RTR (RTR-GmbH). RTR is responsible for the management of the TKK.

The TKK is responsible for supervising compliance with the provisions of the eIDAS Regulation, as specified in Art. 12 SVG. In carrying out its supervisory activities, the TKK operates through RTR.

The supervisory body has the specific responsibility of overseeing the activities of the trust service providers (TSPs) and of the organisational supervision of the confirmation bodies.

The specific requirements applying to TSPs under supervision are explained in detail in the section providing information for TSPs.

Further information on supervisory activities can be viewed under supervisory body documents and in the Communications Reports published annually. Further information on the structure and responsibilities of the TKK and of RTR can be viewed under the section About RTR.